New Zealand - Day 2

Driving out of Auckland Airport we ended up on the wrong road heading into the city, so took a circuitous detour to get back to Highway 1, which we followed into the city, over the harbour bridge before turning off to Devonport and the Peace and Plenty Inn.

Our Inn Peace and Plenty B and B

Our room, the Windsor suite, is very nicely decorated and has a cute en suite bathroom, although the bathroom windows reveal a bit more than they should...

Our Room Our Room Our Room Our Room

After a much needed shower and rest, we headed out into Auckland, catching the ferry from Devonport. We wandered around for a while and ate a pie at Ponsonby Pies, great pies and only $3 each.

Jen in Auckland Auckland Mmmm pies

Then we decided to catch a bus to Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Adventure. Unfortunately we got off the bus (mea culpa!) a bit too soon and ended up walking most of the way. The adventure was expensive at $25 each, but we did get to see king and gentoo penguins up close and personal.

Penguins Penguins Penguin Penguins Baby Penguins Stingray Stingray Fish Thingy

After that we went back into town and Jen had to look at some cards, it's what she does.

Jen doing her thing

We also stopped off at the AA for some free literature on NZ before we took the ferry back to Devonport.

On the ferry Devonport Devonport Fig Tree

Back in Devonport, we strolled out to Cheltenham beach and back before going to Manuka restaurant for a fantastic supper. I had lamb shanks and Jen had pasta.

Cheltenham Beach Cheltenham Beach Cheltenham Beach Cheltenham Beach